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Strange Phobias

This post came to me in two different forms this week, so I knew I had to talk about it. I've been suffering with a double ear infection all week, which I've been less than enthused about. Growing up I've had my fair share of ear infections, but they never get any easier to deal with. The feeling of my ear being blocked really triggers my weird phobia- the feeling of ear wax or anything being inside my ears. Also growing up, I had a really bad habit of not cleaning my ears, so bad I frequently would have to have them cleaned at the doctors for me. IT'S GROSS, I KNOW. That's where my weird phobia originated, and now I religiously clean my ears. It's probably horrible for them, I'm totally aware, so all you cotton swab haters stay out of my comments please.

Anyway, I was also cleaning something else out, my Bookmarks Tab on my laptop. I realized I had a phobia website bookmarked from a potential blog post I wanted to write months ago. This inspired me to writ…
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Rush Rho Gam

Two sorority posts back to back, who am I???

Last week on campus we finished up a week of formal recruitment. This year instead of being involved with normal recruitment, I served as a Rho Gamma for my chapter. Being a Rho Gamma means that you de-affiliate from your chapter. During this time I wasn't allowed to wear any letters, affiliated merchandise, or tell people who didn't already know, which chapter I was in. I couldn't also be seen in public with a lot of my friends who were affiliated members, which was the most difficult part.
As a Rho Gamma you get paired up with a floor in one of the residence halls, and help guide the girls on that floor through formal recruitment. I had the honor of having the floor I lived in my freshman year, which was extremely nostalgic and rewarding for me. Every week we would have meetings with these girls, and walk them to rounds on campus, gradually getting to know them and love them. This part of the experience was simultaneously easy…

Living In A Sorority House

Some of you may know I am in a sorority at my university. The experience so far has been life-changing to say the least, filled with highs and lows, but one I believe has impacted my college experience in a dramatic way. I truly believe that without this chapter of amazing women behind me to help guide me through some of the toughest years of my life, this whole college thing would've gone quite differently.

This year I had the opportunity to live in our sorority house with 17 other women, and serve as the housing manager. To some of you this sounds like your worst nightmare, like the actual plot of a horror movie. If that is not already a horror movie I call dibs. However, despite what you may believe, I really do like it. But for those of you who might never have this opportunity and want a glimpse on what living in a sorority house is truly like, I'm here to make that happen for you.

1. Constant laughter
No matter where you are in the house or who you're with, you'r…

1 Year of Blogging

I did it. It's been exactly one year since I published my first blog post. To some it may feel like it's been one year since I posted my last blog post, I KNOW, I'M SORRY FOR NEGLECTING YOU. I spent the last few weeks of my summer actually relaxing and taking time for myself, and I went on a bit of a social media cleanse so it didn't feel right to put up a blog in the midst of that. Anywhoooooo, like clockwork I have digressed once again. Wouldn't be a Sierra's Sarcastic Spot post if I didn't.

For this blog post I was going to take the time to go through and highlight some of my favorite moments that I have shared, captured, or created through this platform, but I think I'd rather just ramble on for a bit if that's okay with you.

Flashback to a year ago I was a sophomore (phew, ya girl is still on track to graduate on time). I had some of the same friends, some different, some I have now but I didn't have then. I had just changed my major the fo…

20 Lessons I Learned by 20

Happy August 4th! To you it is a normal day, but to me it is my day of birth. The day I blessed the world with my presence, you're welcome. I mean you should probably thank my mom, she did most of the work. I wasn't the only legend born on this day, however, so don't forget to send a happy birthday message to my favorite ex-prez, Barack Obama.

Anyway, I digress, which I usually tend to do in the intros of these things. What better day than your double decade birthday than to reminisce on your past and all of the wonderful things it taught you? That's what we're doing here today. I present you with twenty things I've learned in my twenty beautiful, short, vibrant, and complicated years on this earth.

1. Life is short. It's cliche because it's the cold hard truth. 

2. If you don't laugh at your own jokes no one else will. Some say the first rule of comedy is to not laugh at yourself, but to those people I say, "you're really not going to like m…

5 Things

If you've never bought in to anything I've said on this platform, or any platform for that matter, please try and dissolve what I'm about to say.

I'm full of insecurities, always have been. My face is too round. My love handles poke out. Arms are so flabby I could probably fly away. Acne comes and goes and reminds me that I have pores, too. Sometimes my eyebrows look more like stepsisters than twins. Bigfoot and I could share shoes. The mole on my nose isn't always a welcome decoration. Scars from past accidents cover my legs and bring back the memories of learning how to ride a bike. Most days my curls resemble an unruly afro, not the cute kind of Shirley Temple curls I once had.

Lately, my insecurities have consumed me. Every time I looked in the mirror, a frown followed. I tugged and poked at my body for hours. But today, today I woke up and felt new. I was a different person. The person in the mirror was happy, glowing, beautiful. My hair twisted and turned jus…

Yep, That's Meme!

It's 2017, which means that I spend a good majority of my day reading, sending, and laughing at memes. ***SIDE NOTE: We're halfway through 2017......UM WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?

Anyway, the other day I took a gander (I think we should bring that word back) through the pictures on my phone and realized- I If you don't believe me, continue reading.

As a person who is constantly doing and saying strange things, it's probably not a secret that sometimes I don't photograph well. I don't mean to say I'm ugly, I mean sometimes my face is caught doing things other than smiling, things that can be turned into memes. I pulled actual candid photos of me from my phone and decided to caption them, for your entertainment but mostly for mine (if you don't laugh at your own jokes no one else will). So please enjoy this segment I'd like to call "Yep, that's meme!"

When your mom lets you pic…