Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why I Hate Group Projects

As a sophomore in college I've had my fair share of group projects, and I already know there are going to be so many more in college and in my career so you don't even need to write that in the comments. BUT, just for a second can I get on my soap box and talk about why group projects are the WORST.

1. Randomized groups

NO. No. No thank you. I took this class with my friends. I'd appreciate having them in a group, but not for the reasons you might think. Sure I'd love to be able to talk to them, but I pick them to have in a group because I know them. I know how to work with them. I know if they're better writers or presenters. We can easily meet outside of class to work on our project because we'll most likely be hanging out outside of class anyway. Please do not give me Tyler from the fourth row who hasn't shown up since syllabus day and expect me to not have to do a majority (all) of the work.

2. Scheduling meetings

You would think that we don't all attend the same school by how hard it is to schedule a meeting with people. Suzy can't meet at 4:00 on Thursdays because she has basket-weaving, and Ross can't meet every Wednesday night because he has to watch paint dry at work. I am exaggerating, yes, but good lord people this project is due tomorrow morning and we have nothing done!!!!

3. Divide and conquer

Often times in college group projects just become divide and conquer operations. This is partly because we are all about doing our fair share of the work, but mostly because we can't pick a good time to meet with everyone. The horrible part of this scenario is that when it comes time to submit it, you have 4 or 5 different styles of writing. Or when you go to present it, Person A has no flippin clue what Person C is about to speak about.

I really detest group projects for other reasons but these are the first ones that come to mind. Let me know if you can think of any other reasons. Thanks for reading- sorry I took a little break last week, I was feeling incredibly uninspired, don't worry I'll try not to let it happen again.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

10 Unique Ways to Procrastinate

I was studying for my exam this weekend and it dawned on me that I am really good at procrastinating. I actually knew way before this that this is one of my skills, but I'm becoming very creative in the ways in which I do it. In case you're not as talented as me, don't worry, I'll show you how I do it.

1. Coming up with random scenarios in my head that will probably never happen but make me smile nonetheless.

2. Realizing that the number 4 is the only one whose word describes how many letters it has.
F-O-U-R.......trippy right?

I bet you're going through the numbers now to check.

Told you.

4. Asking myself random questions like, "If you ever had to change your first name what would you change it to?" I discovered I would call myself 'Fresh' because first of all, how dope does that sound. Also, my name would then be Fresh Prince and how awesome would it be on the first day of classes to hear your professors call you Fresh Prince all day?

5. Lip-syncing to my favorite jams. My current favorite thing to listen to is the Hamilton soundtrack. Learning all of the words is a difficult task but I am determined.

6. Writing a blog post when I in fact should be doing anything else other than writing a blog post.

7. Obviously social media scrolling is a go-to procrastination technique.

8. I love people watching and coming up with fun little backstories for them.

9. A nap is always a good idea.

10. Binge. Netflix, YouTube, Sierra's Sarcastic Spot, Facebook recipe videos, whatever tickles your fancy.

Told you I was a pro. Let me know ways in which you procrastinate. Share this if you agree with anyone of them or if it made you laugh or if you accidentally press share and don't know how to undo it. Time to go get some actual work done!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pet Peeves

We've all got 'em. Pet peeves. The things that make your blood boil and you're not even sure why. The most mundane of things, but things that will set you off immediately. Here are mine, let me know yours!

1. When people don't say thank you when I hold the door open for them

HANDS DOWN NUMBER ONE BIGGEST PET PEEVE. It takes no extra effort for you to say thank you, or even mumble thanks. It doesn't have to come in the form of a blimp or flowers and chocolates, just acknowledging that holding the door was a decent thing to do for someone and you're appreciative. On the other hand, I sometimes hate when people don't hold the door for me, but sometimes its hard to gauge whether or not you should hold it. JUST SAY THANK YOU PEOPLE.

2. When professors read off of the slides

Yes, hello,'m not paying $40K a year for you to read off of slides you could email to me in a lot less time. PLEASE TEACH.

3. People who constantly feel the need to one-up others.

It's easiest to explain with examples.

Me: "I am so tired I only got four hours of sleep."
Them: "Oh yeah well I only got 8 minutes of sleep."

Me: "I'm so proud of myself I actually worked out today."
Them: "That's awesome but like I ran a marathon, ate a salad, aced my two exams and solved world hunger, all before 12:00."

Like, why??? Don't be this person.

4. Song changers

If I am in your car and we're jammin' to a song DON'T YOU DARE CHANGE IT. I hate getting cut off mid-note because you "have the perfect song", or you "love this next song". I'm sure it's great, but is the only appropriate time for it to be played when I'm killing it during the bridge??

5. Major shaming

I've written a whole blog post just about this topic, but it still baffles me every time it happens. Do not ever judge someone for being in a certain profession, major, career field, etc. If they are doing what they enjoy doing THAT. IS. ALL. THAT. MATTERS.

I did not intend for this to just be a rant but I'm happy with it. I've been working on a different post all week and I'm just not happy with it, but today I woke up feeling particularly miserable because this cold has gotten the best of me. I just needed to stand on my soapbox for like twenty minutes, and now that all of the bad energy is out of my system I can begin to recover. Sorry for unloading, hopefully you found some part of it enjoyable to read. Also sorry it took me all week to post, sometimes you just have writers block, even with a full month's break. Have a great weekend, stay warm.

Monday, January 23, 2017


No lie, I went to type the title and I typed "2016" instead of "2017", so this could just be foreshadowing, but I'm choosing to remain positive.

WELCOME BACK! I'm so excited to be back. I thoroughly missed blogging. I don't normally make resolutions because I know what I'm like and I likely won't stick to them, but this year is different, I am different. Adult life is funny, you know. I can actually feel a shift in the way I think and behave and it's scary but exciting. Without further ado, my 2017 resolutions.

1. Remind myself that I got a Fitbit for a reason and to actually attempt to get to the 10,000 step level every day.

2. Get rid of all of the clothes and shoes that I still say "I could wear this someday" to and realize someday will never come.

3. Say "sayonara" to all the people in my life that don't have a positive impact on me.

4. Learn how to play the ukulele.

5. Try 3 new foods.

6. Travel outside of the country.

7. Get an internship somewhere doing what I love to do.

8. Start saving money for when I have to return all of it to the government (yay student loans).

9. Read the entire Harry Potter series (do not kill me for never reading it or seeing the movies)

10. Care less about people's opinions of me and care more about people.

I feel like there are twenty billion resolutions I could come up with, but these are ones that I feel like I might actually accomplish and will make me a better person overall. I'm excited for this year. It's easy to say that at the start of a new year but I feel confident that this is going to be a good one. I'm eager to know what your new years resolutions are, if you have any, comment them below! I'm so happy to be back blogging, I'm full of ideas and I hope that you'll join me. Also, I don't technically have to blog for class this semester anymore but I enjoy it so much I've decided to keep up with it. Also, 90% of my poll-takers said that you'd like me to continue blogging so ask and you shall receive. I'll be posting once a week at least or whenever I feel like I have something relevant to say. Have a fantastic day!

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Rewind of my Blog

We've made it, folks. The very last blog post of the semester. 15 weeks, 42 blog posts, 101 comments, 2,841 views,  and countless memories later, we've reached the end. This might not be a big deal to anyone else, but it is to me. Fifteen weeks ago I had little hope for this blog, I'll be honest. It was all so new to me, and it seemed completely impossible to write over 40 unique blog posts that would captivate my audience. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. I thought for a wrap-up of the whole semester we could do a rewind and relive some of the best moments I've had on this blog.

1. My very first post, introducing myself as a lover of pizza and Tori Kelly. Fifteen weeks later and that is still completely accurate.

2. That time I gave you my most sincere Tinder tips.

3. When I explained my favorite parts of being in Greek Life.

4. The time I interviewed my Japanese friend Shiori for a podcast and she taught me how to speak some Japanese. I've completely forgot everything I've learned. 

5. I took you through my most favorite and least favorite parts about this polar bear palace we call ONU.

6. When I Googled some sketchy phrases and absolutely regretted everything. 

7. I broke down a few notable types of professors/teachers that everyone has had at least once in their life.

8. I taught you how many Kylie Lip Kits and Chipotle bowls you can purchase with $20,000.

9. I live tweeted the ONU Homecoming parade.

10. I literally shot and edited a video teaching you how to do the hard-whip and actually uploaded it to YouTube. It has over 130 views and I regret nothing. 

11. Introduced you to my new favorite band Us the Duo and one of their songs. 

12. Talked about my all-time favorite artist, Tori Kelly.

13. Told you what I was thankful for regarding social media.

14. Showed my favorite pictures from a photo shoot I did with friends over Thanksgiving break.

15. Took you through some of 2016's best internet memes.

AND NOW WE'RE HERE! It wasn't always easy and it wasn't always fun, but in the end I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm extremely proud of myself. I cannot thank you enough for supporting me throughout this whole semester. Every view, every comment, every tweet, it means the world to me. If you do enjoy my blogs you'll be happy to know I'm going to continue blogging next semester! I'll be taking a little hiatus during the holiday break so I can recollect and relax, but I'll be back come spring semester. Thank you always for the support, see you next month.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

7 Steps to Measuring My Success

In case you missed it, for my last week of blogs I'm doing three wrap-up style blogs. This one is going to be a wrap-up of our final book for this class "Measure What Matters" by Katie Paine. This book has a lot of great information about measuring value and statistics across your social media channels. In every chapter of this book, the author summarizes all of her points into seven main steps. So instead of summing up this entire book and talking about how to measure social media, I figured I'd use these seven steps to measure my life thus far and where I plan to go.

1. Define your goals and objectives

  • Be happy
  • Be healthy
  • Form and maintain strong, caring friendships 
  • Get my degree
  • Encourage others 

2. Define your environment, audience, and your role in influencing them

My environment is my school, my home, and my church. My audience is my family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, my professors and future employers. No matter how I influence them I hope to always be true to myself while I'm doing it.

3. Define your investment

  • $20,000 a semester (see my past blog describing just how expensive that is)
  • Lots and lots of time
  • Prioritizing even when I don't want to
  • Making many sacrifices

4. Determine your benchmarks

I've learned in life to never compare yourself to others, so I try my best not to. In the past I've been hurt, and I've hurt others unfortunately. I like to think I've come out stronger, wiser, and much kinder. If you compare yourself to who you used to be and consistently making changes to better yourself you'll always be improving which is what I try to do.

5. Define your key performance indicators

This area is probably the hardest to define because it's hard to put a level on the quality friendships you have, or your encouragement to others passions in life. I know that in every single one of my blogs I strive to make people laugh or inspire them. One thing I can measure is after the next two weeks I'll be 3/8th of the way done with my degree!!

6. Collect data

It's hard to measure happiness, isn't it? There is no scale to step on, no measuring cup to pour into. I can tell you I feel much happier than I ever have before, and I think that counts for something. My health is a climbing battle, but I told myself I need to start exercising next year so that's a start, right?I've gained friends, I've lost some. Every person in my life right now is meant to be in it and I gain a lot of comfort in that.

7. Turn data into action

I'm not perfect, that's for sure. I'm growing and I'm learning every single day and that's what matters. It's almost time for a new year, and a new opportunity to reinvent myself. I will take what I've learned and the mistakes I've made in order to make adjustments for the year to come. 

This post got way deeper than I intended it to but I'm happy with it. The end of the year is always a perfect time to reflect on the past year and all of the good, bad, and the ugly. I truly encourage you to go through your seven steps and reflect. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Best Memes of 2016

It's December 1st aka the final month of the year, it's the final week of blogging, and the final ounces of my motivation are slowly slipping away. In honor of it all, this week I decided to do three wrap-up blog posts. I'll be wrapping up the semester of blogs, I'll wrap up this final book we're reading, and I thought in the spirit of social media and the year coming to a close I'd wrap up the best memes of 2016.

The Gavin Meme

I don't exactly know who this little boy is, I think he's the son of a Viner. Oh yeah, 2016 saw the end of Vine too! Anyway, I digress. Gavin has these adorable facial expressions, and they make even better memes.

The Mr. Krab Meme

This meme was ALL OVER Twitter a few months back. I don't really watch Spongebob (please don't yell at me) but this meme was quite relatable to me.

The Hooded Kermit Meme

This is one of the newest memes of this year and I don't even know where it came from or why it surfaced, but regardless I love it so much.

The Harambe Meme

We can't discuss the most iconic memes of 2016 without mentioning this beloved gorilla. I'm not sure why this meme blew up the way it did, I mean the bloody gorilla got 15,000 votes in the presidential election. All I have left to say is RIP Harambe.

The Woman Doing Math Meme

I had no idea what to call this one, except what it is. This was one of my personal favorites during 2016, it honestly made me laugh so much.

The Arthur Fist Meme

This meme truly speaks to me. Sometimes something really ticks you off and you just naturally form a fist. Also the 90's kid in me loves Arthur, so obviously this meme is one of my favorites. 

The Joe Biden/Barack Obama Meme

Possibly the biggest event of 2016 was the election of a new President. With a new President comes saying goodbye to the old one, and his right-hand man the Vice President. People love Barack Obama and Joe Biden's relationship, so obviously they made memes out of it.

Today's lesson: memes are great. It's so weird that 2016 is quickly coming to a close, but I'm ready for a new beginning. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!