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10 Feelings We've All Experienced

Feelings, we've all got em. Except sociopaths. Whoops, that got dark. Anyway, I've come up with ten identifiable feelings that I feel that we've all felt at least once in our lives.

1. Deja vu. Somehow, somewhere you've been in this exact same position in life doing the exact same thing with the exact same people. It's so hard to explain and it when it happens the feeling is impossible to ignore.

2. When the most specific and insignificant memories pop in your head and it shouldn't be specific at all but somehow you remember that Tuesday afternoon in April when you were seven years old and you were eating Lucky Charms and watching Spongebob.

3. When your nose is stuffed and you remember all of the times you took being able to breathe out of your nose for granted.

4. Keeping your eyes open when you're sleepy seems like the hardest task in the world.

5. When there is a light breeze and the sun hits your skin and everything just feels right.

6. Taking off an a…

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