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Song Lyrics to Live By

Hi.....let's just pretend I didn't take over a month off of blogging. Did you miss me? I've written and re-written like 8 posts at this point. I'm at a strange point in life, and it's hard to put it in words. I thought about writing a new year's resolution post, but I know myself and I never keep them. Two years ago my ONLY, I repeat ONLY resolution was to learn all of the names of the Duggar children. That famous Mormon family with like twenty kids, yeah them. A silly and utterly pointless resolution, but something, right? Nope. Didn't do it. Had so many opportunities. So instead of making a list of things I know I won't stick to, I thought instead I'll turn to my biggest vice in life: music. 

I connect with music on multiple levels. I love to sing and learn new melodies (they were harmonies back in my glory days when I found myself on middle C all day long as an alto.) I've tried learning how to play ukulele (that was one of last year's res…
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Sometimes Life Sucks

I'm going to keep this post short this week because it's going to be mostly negative, and that's not my brand. But, being transparent and honest is my brand. And this week I just need to be in my feelings for a second and get a little real with you guys.

Sometimes life sucks. That's the reality, and a harsh one at that. Sometimes you have horrible days, or weeks, or months. Sometimes bad thoughts creep in and you can't shake them. Sometimes something someone does or says stings a little more than usual, and you have no idea why. I have no idea why. All I know is that's kind of how I'm feeling this week. It seems like I've had a trillion and one bad things happen to me this week, but the reality is I've probably had a gazillion and one incredible things happen to me this week. My class was cancelled on Friday, there's one. I got Chipotle on Monday with one of my best friends, boom, TWO. Also, I'M GOING TO FREAKING SOUTH AFRICA! (I will touch …

College Students on Break

Thanksgiving break is a beautiful time, especially for students at ONU because we get an entire week off. It's a time to catch up on sleep, visit with old high school friends and answering the question "How's school?" 867 million times. So, here's a list of things that every college student inevitably does while on break from school.
Ruin their sleep schedule I don't know how it's possible to ruin an already pretty terrible sleep schedule in just a few days, but I always manage to do it. I somehow think because I have no school to report to in the morning that it's okay to waste my day and sleep until 11 or 12 in the afternoon and go to bed at 3 in the morning. It's inevitable, though, I probably will never learn.

Eat everything
Whether it's their favorite home cooked meal, or the fast food place they don't have at school, they're not used to eating three quality meals a day, at least I'm not. I make it a mission to eat at all of th…

Things I'm Thankful For

'Tis the season to be thankful on the most gluttonous day of the year! Instead of listing things I'm thankful for on this day, let's discuss some things I was thankful for this year.

My first professional internship
My first few months of the year were spent frantically trying to secure a summer internship because I felt even though I was only a sophomore I was severely behind. Wish I could've told myself to calm down, it would be alright and you'd get an amazing internship. Regardless, I got one and I'm so grateful for that experience!

ZTA Historian Recently I was just elected as the upcoming ZTA Historian. This role combines my passions for social media and for this incredible sisterhood, and I'm so excited to get started! Follow us @onuzetataualpha! 
Hot sauce I truly discovered my newfound love for hot sauce this year, and what an odd thing to be thankful for, right? No. It's the smallest things in life that mean the most. Okay, but seriously have y…

If Thanksgiving Foods Were Celebrities

I'm friends with quite a few Musical Theatre majors, and if you're not you should definitely get some, because they're the most talented, funny, and inspiring humans I've met. One thing I've learned about MTs is their love for casting themselves in various Broadway shows, movies, television shows, and even random organizations like the United States cabinet. If you've never cast your group of friends in something, you should totally try it because it is HILARIOUS. This week I was inspired by both my favorite MT buds, and my favorite meal of the entire year, Thanksgiving. Combining the two, I've come up with: Thanksgiving foods cast as celebrities.

"Mashed potatoes" as Lady Gaga Think about it. How many different versions of mashed potatoes have you had? And how many different versions of Lady Gaga have we seen in our day? A delicacy, no doubt, however, also extremely versatile.

"Gravy" as Ed Sheeran Gravy is absolutely essential. Some pe…

What I Love About College

As a college junior, I've developed a love-hate relationship with college. Staying up late with your besties while also simultaneously failing multiple classes fearing that at any moment you'll have to drop out of school and work retail for the rest of your dreary existence. Okay, that was dramatic. But honestly, there's so much to dislike about college, but because "optimist" is my middle name, I'm going to tell you about all of the good things I love about college.

All aboard! Everyone in college has a one-way ticket on the struggle bus, and it's truly comforting to know you're not alone. When you're stressing about a major exam or a ten-page paper due tomorrow that you haven't even thought about yet, someone across the library is in tears. We're all just trying to get degrees here, and have a great time while doing it.

Someone is always down for a meal. It's no secret that I am hungry at....most times of the day. Pretty much all of…

So....What Next?

Now that Halloween is over, and so is October, the biggest debate of the century (besides that pineapple DOES belong on pizza) is happening. Is it too early to start preparing for Christmas? There's people who listen to Christmas music as soon as the first leaf falls off of the tree, whether Halloween is over or not. Then there are those who the sight of a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving absolutely infuriates them. I gotta be honest, I'm somewhere in between. I like to celebrate each holiday individually. 
I appreciate Halloween, dressing up, eating so much candy you want to throw up, and watching spooky movies. This year I lived with a girl who is the biggest lover of Halloween I've ever met. Every night she hosted a Halloween-themed event with her friends, dressed in pumpkins and ghosts, and I've never truly felt the Halloween spirit like I did around her this year. It was truly inspiring, let me tell you. It was truly fun seeing what everyone dresses up as in col…