College is Hard

I try to keep it mostly positive on here, but I would just like to go on a bit of a rant today. I think some of you might agree with me, and others may have never given this topic a single thought.

College is hard.

If you're in college anywhere you should already feel so proud of yourself. Not everyone is. Some people purposely don't, but that's fine, too. You are going to school, to get a degree, to have a career, to support a family. That's a big deal. Be proud of it, and be proud that others are, too.

We've all been up late at night because we were studying for an exam, or pulled an all-nighter to write a paper, or napped because we were so exhausted from school even though we had a million-and-one things on our to-do lists. We know how hard it is to be a college student.

 Everyone is different. Not everyone could study law.  Not everyone could study art. Not everyone could study business, or pharmacy, or medicine, or ANYTHING for that matter. You have the freedom to study whatever you please, but do not EVER make anyone feel less than because their major isn't "as difficult" or "won't get you a job after college." That's something they probably love doing. Do not discourage those from doing what they love.

Instead, let's lift one another up. Appreciate the quirky internships that may not mean a lot of sense to you, but are an incredible achievement for someone else. Support the arts, be their biggest fan. Encourage the pharmacy students who study for hours and hours and sometimes you're not even sure how they're functioning. Read the blog of a girl who is just trying to get a social media minor (serious about that one.)

Love one another. Support one another. Be proud of one another.

Thank you for supporting me, it means more than you probably know. Witty, sarcastic Sierra will be back on Friday :-) I truly hope you can find something to laugh about today.


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