Things Every Social Media Addict Does

Do you ever do something on social media and you're not sure why, but you can't stop? If you're confused, let me give you a few examples!

1. Refresh, refresh, refresh

Sometimes I open Twitter, scroll through my news feed until I'm bored or I've read every new tweet, and then close the app. LITERALLY seconds later, I open Twitter right back up again. I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I CAN'T STOP DOING IT.

2. Snapception

Sometimes I find myself having multiple conversations with the same person on Snapchat. We'll be snapping about homework and also about what we ate today, or something like that. It's so strange. I'll be texting them or tweeting them about something completely unrelated at the same time sometimes, too! 

3. The Rabbit Hole of YouTube

I think many of us have experienced this at least one time in our lives. You go to watch one video on YouTube, and suddenly it's three hours later and you're watching a tutorial on how to yodel. I don't know how you always end up watching super weird and completely unrelated videos, but it's inevitable at this point. 

4. Late Night Social Media Check

I am so guilty of this one. I will be literally EXHAUSTED and I finally get into bed, and then I spend another half an hour checking all my social media. I don't know why??? It will all be there when I wake up?? I AM EXHAUSTED I SHOULD JUST GO TO BED BUT NOOOO MY BRAIN IS LIKE OOOH I WONDER WHAT SO-AND-SO TWEETED ABOUT TODAY???

Let me know if you are guilty of doing any of these, or if I am alone in my weird social media habits. Also, tell me what other stuff you would like to see on this blog, I'd love to know! Thanks so much for always reading and showing me support, you're wonderful. Have a wonderful day and I hope you can find something to laugh about! 


  1. So quilts. Yes I am. Going to change...probably not.


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