Why I Quit Social Media

Even for those of you know me hardly at all, it's probably no surprise to you that I love social media. But even for a self-proclaimed social media connoisseur like myself, sometimes it's nice to take a break.

My view this weekend
I spent my Labor Day Weekend alongside my family whom despite being away from them for only two short weeks, I still missed very much. We visited the place my mom grew up, Napoleon, OH. We saw her family and friends and spent our weekend at their country home with a beautiful view. I decided to write this Monday's blog post on digitally unplugging as I found myself consciously trying to put my phone away this weekend. I even read an entire book this weekend. I know what you're thinking, "A teenager reading something other than their phone screen?" Crazy right???
Me this weekend ACTUALLY
reading a BOOK

I've "unplugged" once before during finals week of spring semester, but that time was more hardcore. I actually deleted the apps on my phone so I knew I wouldn't be tempted to get on them, because I physically couldn't. I'll be completely honest, it was pretty difficult at first. I found out pretty quickly that I'm probably as close as you can come to being addicted to social media. It was weird not checking Twitter first thing in the morning or watching Snapchats in bed before I went to sleep. But after a few days I noticed that I didn't even really miss it. I'd like to share with you the four biggest benefits I found from digitally unplugging.

1. It's a true time saver

The amount of time I gained in my day because I wasn't constantly scrolling through my social media was remarkable. I wasn't having to fight for my study time or forcing myself to put my phone down because I really needed to stop procrastinating. I was way more productive with my time and it became so much easier to focus, which was really helpful it being finals week.

2. You will save so much battery

It's no secret that the iPhone battery isn't the greatest, but during my time without social media, it kind of was. I saved so much phone battery it was unbelievable. I was used to my Snapchat stealing my battery and my phone being dead by nighttime. If you're looking to increase your iPhone battery in a conventional way, just stay off social media for a few days.

3. Sometimes it's nice to feel detached from the world

Social media is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it becomes a place where people just dump their opinions. I have found myself somewhat unplugged during this current presidential race because it just seems like social media is being polluted by every thought or opinion people feel the need to share, or media exposure of the most recent shooting becomes just too upsetting. I can appreciate that we care about who is going to represent our country for the next four years but I came here to have a good time. I want to watch some recipe videos and look at pictures of cute dogs, not hear all about why ______ is an unfit presidential candidate. I support people having opinions, but it does not mean I always want to hear about them.

4. We're becoming people who can't live without our phones

We have all heard at least one adult say to us, "your generation can not live without your phone" and we've all probably sighed and told them we certainly could, but sometimes it's easier said than done. I, myself desperately hate that phrase. But even I can agree with them sometimes. Sometimes it's sad when a bunch of my friends and I all get together and half the time is spent on our phones. It's so easy to fall into this trap, but we should make more of an effort to put them aside and actually speak to each other, talk about life, the good and the bad. I love when I can have a long, genuine conversation with someone and neither of us even reach for our phone the whole time.

If you have never unplugged I strongly encourage you to give it a try. It's amazing what you'll learn about yourself when you do. However, if you do decide to unplug for a bit, make sure you still come back on to read these amazing blog posts I've written especially for you! Subscribe to these posts if you'd like, leave a comment, take my poll and all of that really exciting stuff. As always, thanks so much for reading this, feedback is always adored, and I hope you find something to laugh about today!

Me and my mom this weekend


  1. Omg you and your mom are so cute I CANT

  2. I could not agree with you more that it's nice to get away from social media. I've never gone as far to not allow myself to get onto it but whenever I'm at social gatherings I am never on my phone. I can't stand it when people are at a family gathering or hanging out with friends and all they do is stare at their phone screen. Thank you for understanding that it's okay to be away from the social media world for a little bit.

    1. It's so frustrating to me when you're trying to tell someone something and they've got their head in their phone, glad it's not just me!

  3. I agree with you that is has many advantages to stay off social media now and then. However, I couldn't live a day without any use of it. Personally I do not use social media that often, but as tool of communication it is essential for me. I rather try to limit the use of social media, and my cellphone, in general, than taking sudden breaks. But in both cases, I think it has many advantages and can bring you new things.

    1. I think either way is effective. It just depends what you're getting out of it, really. I'm glad that you try to limit yourself when it comes to social media but still know how to use it as a good communication tool! Thanks for reading, Nathan!

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  5. A good break from social media helps you focus on things in front of you. Nothing worse than hanging out with some friends and then someone whips out their phone for 20 minutes.


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