Fun with Filters

In class we finished the "Social Media Marketing Workbook" by Jason McDonald and while it was a very informative book, it forgot to mention my favorite social media platform, Snapchat. In the past few weeks on this blog we've discussed what the book says about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, but the book had no information about Snapchat. I know Snapchat is not really the platform for large businesses trying to market, but that doesn't mean it isn't great.

One very unique thing about Snapchat is the filters. No other platform has anything like this, and honestly I love the filters. They're sometimes very weird, but so creative and different, and playing with the filters makes great study breaks! Lately, Snapchat has been feeling very festive with some special edition Halloween filters. I had some fun with some of the filters on Snapchat, and I've posted some of my favorites down below!

If you've never played around with the filters before, I strongly encourage you do so. This was just a silly post to start your week off on a positive, light-hearted note! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and that you're ready for a new week! Let me know which Snapchat filter is your favorite, mine is the one that turns your face into a square shape! 



  1. Snapchat filters are literally the weirdest thing on any social media platform. I don't get into it too much but they are entertaining sometimes.


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