My Top 3 Social Media Platforms

We're on week eight of this blog and if you don't know I love social media by now then welcome, we've been expecting you, grab a snack and take a seat please. With that being said, there are things I love and hate about every single platform of social media, and some I love more than others. Today I thought you might like to know which platforms I like the most and why. To be fair to all of them I'm going to include what I love and what I hate about each platform, because I guess I'm just another hate-filled teenager with a blog, ENJOY!

1. Coming in hot at number one is...(drumroll)... SNAPCHAT!!!!

I said I liked Snapchat most in one of my blogs last week, so those of you who are loyal readers might've already knew that.

Love: I feel like I can be myself the most on Snapchat. I don't know whether it's the unflattering filters or the fact that you can truly control who follows you and can view your story, but Snapchat promotes the most freedom to me. Snapchat stories > Instagram stories all day every day.

Hate: At this point I follow so many people that by the end of the day I have a literal hour worth of stories to go through. Snapchat just made an update to where you can more easily pick and choose whose stories you want to watch, and it's great.

2. (drumroll)...........TWITTER!!!!!

If you missed my post all about Twitter go check that out if you want!

Love: I love that Twitter is typically a young person's game. No offense to any of my adult friends, but I just really appreciate being surrounded by people my own age on Twitter. They understand my humor and I'm able to say what I feel and often people feel the same way rather than judging me for it. Also, I love that it's acceptable to tweet like five different times per day and if it's not then WHOOPS. Sorry to all of my Twitter followers.

Hate: 140 characters. Really?? I truly hate having to constantly reword and make grammar mistakes because I want to use a sentence, a hashtag, and an emoji. STOP PUNISHING ME FOR HAVING GOOD GRAMMAR!

3. (drumroll).........YOUTUBE!!!!

If you don't consider YouTube to be a social media platform, I do. I am the author of this blog so until you start your own blog and talk about how you hate considering YouTube as a platform, let's just consider it to be one.

Love: There is honestly something for everyone on YouTube. YouTube is a way of my life now. I tune in to people's channels every single day, it's like a Netflix show to me.

Hate: If you're not a frequent YouTube watcher you might not know there is this concept called "clickbait". Basically YouTubers (people who make YouTube videos for a living) will put an alarming or scandalous photo and title for their video that draws people in and makes them want to watch. I hate this concept because most of the time the title of the video is only relevant to a very small portion of the video, or isn't actually true and just got twisted to appear that way, much like mainstream media.

Now you know what my top three social media platforms are, I hope you learned something and hopefully it made you laugh at all! We're almost halfway through this blogging thing, it hasn't been too painful to read, right? Have a great day everyone. Go make someone smile!


  1. Ditto to why I hate youtube and twitter! Love Instagram

  2. Ditto to why I hate youtube and twitter! Love Instagram

  3. I don't have twitter or Instagram but I love YouTube! I can listen and watch tuns of Bethel music, or listen to authors lecture or preachers preach or learn how to fix my car or pull up weeds. It's like perfect! I never watch that other weird stuff because I never know when it will offend me. I might watch one that someone who knows me would recommend, maybe a funny kitty :) lol


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