Sheridan and I at OU this past weekend
This past weekend I visited my best friend Sheridan at Ohio University in Athens. Sheridan went to school at ONU last year and transferred to OU this semester. When I say these schools are completely different, that is an understatement. With Sheridan's expertise of both schools, we've come up with a list we think are the biggest differences between the two Ohio schools.

1. The Town

The only thing Ada and Athens have in common is their first initial. Athens is like NYC and Ada is like we're-not-in-Kansas-anymore-Toto. Athens is a like piece of artwork and Ada is like a giant corn maze. Athens is the hidden gem of Ohio and Ada is just hidden.

2. The Hills

OU's hills are nothing to joke about. As if I wasn't convinced that OU wasn't for me before, the hike up OU's hills definitely did it for me. I love my flatter than anything rural Ohio.

3. The Bookstore

OU has these amazing $6.60 T-shirts in its bookstore and you already know I bought two of them! ONU, please get with the program. It's really hard to show my polar bear pride when all of my money is going to tuition here, I cannot afford a $25 T-shirt.

4. The Food Options

ONU has like, none. I didn't taste the on-campus options at OU but I have a strong inclination that they're better than the kind of crap they serve us here. Not to mention there is a Chipotle and Wendy's right on OU's campus, and at ONU you have to drive at least 20 minutes for either of those things.

5. The People

The number of people you know while walking to class on campus is incredible. You can't find that at a big school. This sometimes means that it can feel like high school again, but honestly I love walking to class and seeing so many familiar faces, it makes it feel like home.

I am and always will be a Polar Bear. I love this school and everyone I've met here. OU is wonderful, but ONU is my second home. Ada might be a diamond among the corn or the armpit of Ohio, but I will always love it. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it. Have a wonderful day and I hope you can find something to laugh about today! 


  1. Love your humor when you write. You think out of the box. Good insight.

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Debbie! That means a lot!

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