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Today's blog is pretty simple, I asked you guys to tweet me any questions you had for me, and now I'm going to answer them.

Natalie (@NatalieSemsel) asked: 

  • What job do you want with social media?

Well if you read my last blog post you'll know my new dream job is to work for the company 160over90, a branding agency in Philadelphia. I don't know what position I would like there, but if that doesn't work out working for Buzzfeed would be awesome.

  • Do you plan funny posts for laughs sometimes?

Yes and no. I am not bragging when I say people tell me I'm funny all the time, I genuinely hear that very often. It's something I take pride in, but it doesn't all come naturally. I'm constantly looking for the next one-liner or punch line in a conversation and it's the same with blog posts. I try and write funny content because that's what I'm good at. I'm not as happy with my more serious posts and I think they don't do as well for that very reason. 

  • Did you have MySpace?

Of course, what middle school girl didn't? I'm actually really sad that I don't know my login anymore because I would really like to laugh at my embarrassing posts. 

Alex (@alexandrareese_) asked:

  • Why haven't you written about me yet?

I am so terribly sorry, Alex. Stay tuned for my next post, folks "10 Reasons Why Alex Camplese is the Best Person Ever." No, but really Alex constantly supports my blog and I am forever grateful. 

Sheridan (@Sher_Bear36) asked: 

  • Do you think social media has changed the person you are?

Again, yes and no. I think social media honestly changes everyone. I wholeheartedly believe my teen years would be completely different if social media didn't exist. At the same time, I think social media just enhances who I already am. I'm free to be who I want, say what I want, post what I want but I choose to post the things that I do because I think it will display me in the most accurate way. Sometimes that means tweeting "my diet is froot loops and pizza oops", 10 points if you can find that tweet. 

  • Why is our culture so obsessed with social media in your opinion?

I think social media is so obsessive because it can be whatever you want it to be. We can reach a large number of people in a small amount of time. You can say whatever you please and choose to view whatever you want to see. There's something for everyone honestly and you don't have to be an expert to use it. 

  • Do you think your life is heading in the direction you thought it would?

Honestly a year or two ago I had no plans in life. I was going to high school because I had to, I had no true passions in anything and now I love life more than I ever have. I'm pursuing a degree in something I love doing, I have amazing friends and family (I had those things before too but now I have more), and I'm just really happy with life. I'm in a good place and it makes me realize that every decision I've ever made, good or bad, has led me to writing this very blog post, so I do not regret a single thing. 

Thanks so much to everyone for sending in questions, this was actually really fun to write! I might do a second part if that's something you guys would want to read. Thanks always for reading and I hope you can find something to laugh about today! 


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