Reacting to Pinterest Searches

This week in the Social Media Marketing Workbook by Jason McDonald we're talking Pinterest. If there is one thing I know about Pinterest, it's that I don't know anything about Pinterest. As a social-media loving sorority girl in the 21st century this is probably shocking. Also, this book says Pinterest is aimed at the female demographic who love to online shop and if you know me, you know I have an online shopping addiction. In my defense, I live in the middle of a corn field and it's so much easier to purchase online than drive 20 miles any which way to go shopping. Anyway, I have tried multiple times to set up a Pinterest and I just cannot get into it. It definitely would've helped when it came time to craft for my little this year, but somehow I managed without.

For today's post I thought we could have some fun, or maybe this won't be fun or entertaining at all in which case I am so sorry. I thought I might try to search some random things on Pinterest and just see what comes up. Maybe I'll react to it (definitely) and maybe I'll attempt it (unlikely). Without further a do, let's get started!

Naturally, the first thing I searched  was "pizza", but I didn't want any recipes so I also typed in "crafts". I'm still learning how to do this Pinterest thing, okay.

I found this picture. In case you're confused, don't worry so was I. This is a green pepper being used as a stamp, because it would make a "cute bulletin board" to use fresh vegetables as stamps. UM, NO. Fresh vegetables are used to eat, not to put paint on. When I have children they will use their imaginations to play, not my fresh cut broccoli.

In light of the recent election, I found my new favorite shirt on Pinterest. PLUS, it's on sale for $24.99!

Next up is obviously, Tori Kelly. I wanted to see what kind of art edits there were of her lyrics, because they're just so GOOD. I found this one I really love because it is so artsy, it has a beautiful picture of her and has one of my favorite lines of her lyrics from her song "Unbreakable Smile".

I think that is enough Pinterest for me for one day. Thanks a million for reading! I hope you enjoyed and maybe you even learned something, I know I did. I hope you have a wonderful day, go listen to some Tori Kelly, I promise you will not regret it!


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