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Twitter Marketing is Lit

This week in class we're talking Twitter. I think I have decided Twitter is my second favorite social media following Snapchat. The author of the "Social Media Marketing Workbook" tells us all how Twitter is the more casual, quicker form of communication and how it's less about marketing for companies. This got me thinking about a tweet I tweeted that got quite a few likes, probably because people thought I was trying to be funny but it was actually a genuine tweet.

The reason I tweeted this was not to be funny, but because it was a trend I had been noticing across my Twitter feed. I saw company Twitter pages using memes and words like "lit" and "fam", for what I can only assume is so teens feel they can relate to the company. 

As teenagers we're constantly trying to relate to people, to feel like our struggles are their struggles, our passions are their passions. I think companies have done an excellent job of realizing its target market and how exactly to cater to what young people want to see on their social media. I don't necessarily agree Twitter is a smaller marketing task for companies than any other social media, I just think it's a different type of marketing. So don't get annoyed when Chipotle tweets "If she can't splurge on chips and guac, she's too young for you bro," realize that they're just trying to relate to you. Also, I don't believe Chipotle has ever tweeted that but if they wanted to steal it and credit me I wouldn't be upset.  

This was just a little take on Twitter marketing, I hope it was something interesting and enjoyable for you. I'm on fall break with my family right now absolutely loving life and laughing a bunch, I hope you are loving life wherever you are in the world right now, too! 


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