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In our "Social Media Marketing Workbook" by Jason McDonald, he talks a lot about how to use YouTube to market yourself and your brand as a company, how to get more views, how to make viral videos and things of that nature. Growing up on YouTube, watching YouTube, wanting and actually starting my own YouTube channel (let's not talk about it, also I deleted it so don't even try searching for it) I feel like YouTube is less about facts and figures and more about a video getting in the right hands at the right time.

I watch a lot of YouTubers, for your satisfaction I've put together a list of the ones I watch according to category. One thing I notice about all of these YouTubers is their career they have in YouTube now was not a dream of theirs, it just turned out that way. A good majority of them never got a degree, let alone a degree in social media. They just know how to appeal to their audience in a way that a workbook about social media can't really project.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're a company looking for another platform to put your content on, then Jason McDonald has a number of great things to say. But if you're trying to become the next hit YouTube sensation, or a viral video, put the book down.

I'm subscribed to 74 different YouTube channels, but believe me I do not watch that many. I've split up the categories of YouTubers that I watch into two different categories, Vlog channels and main channels. Vlog channels are the day-in-the-life videos some upload every single day, some are once a week, and some are whenever they remember that they have a Vlog channel. Main channel videos are the beauty videos, challenges, collabs with other YouTubers, singing videos, story time videos, and everything else that isn't a vlog basically.

Daily Vloggers:


Main Channel:

Anna Saccone
Chester See
Grace Helbig
Jenna Marbles
Julien Solomita
Mamrie Hart
Rachel Ballinger
Shay Mitchell
Tori Kelly
Tyler Oakley

Let me know if you watch any of the same YouTubers, I'm very curious. There are a few YouTubers that didn't make the list whom I watch occasionally if their clickbait titles stick out to me, but I decided to only put the main ones that I consistently watch on there. I hope you enjoyed this post, any feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Go make someone smile!


  1. I mean obviously I also watch Tori Kelly bc who else would I watch on YouTube


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