Happy Election Day

Two blogs in less than 15 hours? Either I am totally full of great ideas or I have to have three blogs by today and I'm totally out of great ideas!

It's the day some have been waiting for, some have been dreading, and to most it's Tuesday.

It's Election day, ya'll.

Most people think that every single social media platform at this point is a place to put your political opinions and fight with others. I am telling you now my blog is not a place for that.

We welcome all individuals no matter their race, political party, whether their hair is curly or straight, or if they only have nine fingers but eleven toes, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say at this point, just please go vote. I voted by mail which is really convenient because I don't have to stand in line for hours today, but I promise the satisfaction of knowing that your vote might not go towards the winning candidate and what is it all really for anyway.....just kidding what I mean to say is just go vote please.

Also don't forget about your local elections, they need support just as much as the other guys.

At the end of the day there are winners and losers, but we're all winners remember (back to back World War Champs).


  1. Voting is important and this election is no joke even if it seems that way at times.

  2. I like your take on Election Day! I also voted through the mail, which I agree was much easier than voting on Election Day. I was really nervous watching it all go down that night, but I don't really know why, because at the end of the day I didn't support any of the candidates. I like your acceptance policy on your blog! More people should think this way!


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