The Best Memes of 2016

It's December 1st aka the final month of the year, it's the final week of blogging, and the final ounces of my motivation are slowly slipping away. In honor of it all, this week I decided to do three wrap-up blog posts. I'll be wrapping up the semester of blogs, I'll wrap up this final book we're reading, and I thought in the spirit of social media and the year coming to a close I'd wrap up the best memes of 2016.

The Gavin Meme

I don't exactly know who this little boy is, I think he's the son of a Viner. Oh yeah, 2016 saw the end of Vine too! Anyway, I digress. Gavin has these adorable facial expressions, and they make even better memes.

The Mr. Krab Meme

This meme was ALL OVER Twitter a few months back. I don't really watch Spongebob (please don't yell at me) but this meme was quite relatable to me.

The Hooded Kermit Meme

This is one of the newest memes of this year and I don't even know where it came from or why it surfaced, but regardless I love it so much.

The Harambe Meme

We can't discuss the most iconic memes of 2016 without mentioning this beloved gorilla. I'm not sure why this meme blew up the way it did, I mean the bloody gorilla got 15,000 votes in the presidential election. All I have left to say is RIP Harambe.

The Woman Doing Math Meme

I had no idea what to call this one, except what it is. This was one of my personal favorites during 2016, it honestly made me laugh so much.

The Arthur Fist Meme

This meme truly speaks to me. Sometimes something really ticks you off and you just naturally form a fist. Also the 90's kid in me loves Arthur, so obviously this meme is one of my favorites. 

The Joe Biden/Barack Obama Meme

Possibly the biggest event of 2016 was the election of a new President. With a new President comes saying goodbye to the old one, and his right-hand man the Vice President. People love Barack Obama and Joe Biden's relationship, so obviously they made memes out of it.

Today's lesson: memes are great. It's so weird that 2016 is quickly coming to a close, but I'm ready for a new beginning. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


  1. I love this post Sierra! Too funny! My personal favorite would have to be the Barack Obama and Joe Biden meme. Some of the things people come up with on Twitter are absolutely hilarious and never fail to amaze me. Social media in 2016 was entertaining to say the least.

  2. Why was this post even a thing? What has the world come to? Great post but like c'mon society.


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