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Showing posts from August 21, 2016

What Social Media Has Taught Me

Social media is my drug of choice. Anyone who knows me can attest to that. I have accounts on all of the major social media sites, I post regularly, and I actively follow what people are doing on their social media accounts. I have grown up in a generation of social media professionals, and slowly day by day I believe I am becoming one. Today I want to share with you some important things I have learned by just actively participating in various social networking sites. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert. I am a college student who just happens to use and love social media, so please don't quote me on any of this, they are all of my own opinions. However, if you agree with any of them be sure to let me know!

Twitter Twitter to me is a place where viral sensations wait to happen. It is so easy for things to go viral on Twitter because things are easily retweeted and passed along for the maximum amount of people to see it. When I tweet, I'm constantly thinking about whether or not my…

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Sierra Prince. Lover of pizza, Tori Kelly, and as you can probably tell from this aesthetically pleasing blog I have put together, laughing. I'm from Fairborn, Ohio, I have two older sisters and two hilarious humans I call Mom and Dad. I am a sophomore Marketing major, Social Media minor at Ohio Northern University in Ada, OH. For the next 15 weeks, I have the challenge of writing and maintaining a blog for my Social Media Principles class. I'll be discussing everything you need to know about public relations and social media, reacting to some readings we have to do, and telling you all about that little college town Ada, Ohio.

Ohio Northern is a unique place. ONU has an adorable mascot, a polar bear, AMAZING professors and staff, and a place for almost anyone. But because of it's incredibly small campus and village that it resides in, ONU is not for everyone. This is always what I tell people when they ask me how I like the school: "It's not for everyo…