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Showing posts from September 4, 2016

Types of People on Social Media

I have been using social media for a pretty good chunk of my life now, as my Timehop so kindly reminds me of every morning. I've learned a fair amount about the do's and don'ts as far as social media goes. Now, everyone's account is different and some of these things may work for people, but I've found that they just really, truly, and honestly annoy me.  Chapter 10 of "The Art of Social Media" by Guy Kawasaki lists a few things that people on social media should try to avoid doing. Some of these are announcing when people unfollow you and then asking why, buying followers, swearing, and constantly asking people to follow you. So, I present to you some of the types of people on social media that annoy me. I've probably done all of these myself, so please don't take offense to any of them! 

1. Double Trouble People who post multiple photos in a row on Instagram. Like ten all right in a row. Just like, one a day keeps the doctor away, cool? Take that…

Everybody's Rushing To Rush

Brace yourselves children, sorority recruitment is upon us. This is the week in which sorority girls far and wide are gearing up to introduce a number of smiling new faces into their chapter. They've planned, rehearsed, discussed, shopped, pinterest-ed, met, talked, and everything in between, all for the magical day that is Bid Day. I think whether you're in a sorority or fraternity, or you don't care about Greek Life at all, each of us can still appreciate finding a place, a home, or a family to call our own.

When I came to ONU, I was sort of interested in going Greek after I saw my sister do it. On the one hand I thought I didn't want to be "one of those sorority girls" (SPOILER: I AM ONE AND I LOVE IT). But on the other hand I was intrigued. I saw these friendships and all this fun these girls were having and I wanted that too. I could sit here and tell you how much my sorority means to me, and how I've found those friendships, and had that fun, but i…

Why I Quit Social Media

Even for those of you know me hardly at all, it's probably no surprise to you that I love social media. But even for a self-proclaimed social media connoisseur like myself, sometimes it's nice to take a break.

I spent my Labor Day Weekend alongside my family whom despite being away from them for only two short weeks, I still missed very much. We visited the place my mom grew up, Napoleon, OH. We saw her family and friends and spent our weekend at their country home with a beautiful view. I decided to write this Monday's blog post on digitally unplugging as I found myself consciously trying to put my phone away this weekend. I even read an entire book this weekend. I know what you're thinking, "A teenager reading something other than their phone screen?" Crazy right???

I've "unplugged" once before during finals week of spring semester, but that time was more hardcore. I actually deleted the apps on my phone so I knew I wouldn't be tempted to …