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Showing posts from September 25, 2016

My Top Tips for LinkedIn

Today we're talking about LinkedIn. The biggest thing I've learned about LinkedIn is that I don't know how to use it. In our book for class, "Social Media Marketing Workbook: How To Use Social Media for Business" we're discussing LinkedIn. This book brings up a lot of good facts and points about LinkedIn.

Last year I made a LinkedIn account because I thought that's what people going through business school did. Having very little knowledge about LinkedIn and a profile that's next to incomplete, LinkedIn has still done alright for me. I've somehow managed to get through a few rounds of interviews, unfortunately the jobs weren't for me in the end, but that's not the point. The point is you don't have to be a business professional, you don't have to have a resume as long as a chapter in Harry Potter, you just have to want success. 
I've come up with a few introductory steps on how to use your LinkedIn profile to network, and you d…

Are We Our Own Brand?

In my Visual Literacy class, we are discussing branding and how we essentially are creating a brand for ourselves. This is interesting to me because I feel like social media plays a huge part in this brand we portray. In class we defined a brand as our set of values, a statement, or a logo that people can use to identify something or someone else. Personally, I see a brand as how someone else may perceive you, but it becomes your own personal brand because you can shape it and choose how you want to be perceived.

This begs the question: what exactly does our brand have to do with social media? I think our brand is more present on social media than anywhere else in our lives. Whenever we post a tweet, an Instagram, a long-winded post on Facebook, we are consciously making a choice about how this will affect our personal brand and how we are perceived by others. Whether we are consciously aware this is happening or not, it truly is.

In this class we also watched a documentary on people …

Scary Google Search Results

This week in class we started a new book by Jason McDonald titled "Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business." I'm already excited for this book because all within the first chapter the author talks about how social media is essentially like throwing a party, he displayed pictures of memes, and Richard Simmons' Facebook page.

In Chapter 1, Jason McDonald says if you know the question, you can Google the answer. I especially love this part because I adore Google. I use it for everything. It is probably unhealthy the amount of times I Google per day.

This got me thinking of a potentially good blog post when I tried looking up "what to do after you tie dye" and instead I got some interesting results. So today I'm going to be googling random questions and seeing what the most popular searches are!

Exhibit A: We have some genuine life concerns, and then something about Pokemon. Nothing too alarming yet so that's comforting.