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Q & A

Today's blog is pretty simple, I asked you guys to tweet me any questions you had for me, and now I'm going to answer them.

Natalie (@NatalieSemsel) asked: 

What job do you want with social media?

Well if you read my last blog post you'll know my new dream job is to work for the company 160over90, a branding agency in Philadelphia. I don't know what position I would like there, but if that doesn't work out working for Buzzfeed would be awesome.

Do you plan funny posts for laughs sometimes?
Yes and no. I am not bragging when I say people tell me I'm funny all the time, I genuinely hear that very often. It's something I take pride in, but it doesn't all come naturally. I'm constantly looking for the next one-liner or punch line in a conversation and it's the same with blog posts. I try and write funny content because that's what I'm good at. I'm not as happy with my more serious posts and I think they don't do as well for that very re…


This past weekend I visited my best friend Sheridan at Ohio University in Athens. Sheridan went to school at ONU last year and transferred to OU this semester. When I say these schools are completely different, that is an understatement. With Sheridan's expertise of both schools, we've come up with a list we think are the biggest differences between the two Ohio schools.

1. The Town The only thing Ada and Athens have in common is their first initial. Athens is like NYC and Ada is like we're-not-in-Kansas-anymore-Toto. Athens is a like piece of artwork and Ada is like a giant corn maze. Athens is the hidden gem of Ohio and Ada is just hidden.

2. The Hills OU's hills are nothing to joke about. As if I wasn't convinced that OU wasn't for me before, the hike up OU's hills definitely did it for me. I love my flatter than anything rural Ohio.

3. The Bookstore OU has these amazing $6.60 T-shirts in its bookstore and you already know I bought two of them! ONU, ple…

The Spotlight on 160over90

Thursday in class we had two guest speakers come and talk to us. They are from the company 160over90, a branding agency based in Philadelphia. They have been hired by Ohio Northern to completely reinvent our brand. They talked to us about the process, the different types of people it takes to accomplish the job and what the future of ONU looks like. They work with colleges and companies all over the nation and have offices in Philadephia, Newport Beach and Gainesville.

I'll be honest with you, before this presentation I had no idea that ONU's brand was even getting a facelift, and this has been in the works for about two years now.

During the presentation they showed us how they go through a specific process with every client they have. 160over90 basically assesses its client's current situation within three very long days. They talked to about 150 faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni of ONU and had them describe their current feelings about the school, the town, t…