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Showing posts from October 9, 2016

My Top 3 Social Media Platforms

We're on week eight of this blog and if you don't know I love social media by now then welcome, we've been expecting you, grab a snack and take a seat please. With that being said, there are things I love and hate about every single platform of social media, and some I love more than others. Today I thought you might like to know which platforms I like the most and why. To be fair to all of them I'm going to include what I love and what I hate about each platform, because I guess I'm just another hate-filled teenager with a blog, ENJOY!

1. Coming in hot at number one is...(drumroll)... SNAPCHAT!!!! I said I liked Snapchat most in one of my blogs last week, so those of you who are loyal readers might've already knew that.

Love: I feel like I can be myself the most on Snapchat. I don't know whether it's the unflattering filters or the fact that you can truly control who follows you and can view your story, but Snapchat promotes the most freedom to me. Snapc…

Pink Month is #NotDoneYet

For many October is 31 days of Halloween, or one month closer to Christmas, but as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, it's Pink Month. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we take this opportunity to bring awareness to our campus and its students by putting on a number of events during the month of October. So mark your calendars as I take you on a tour of our events throughout the month of October!

Our first event was held before October actually began. This was our Bright Pink Workshop where a member of one of our national partner's, Bright Pink, came and talked to women on our campus about how to reduce their risks for breast and ovarian cancer. If you missed the workshop, you can still go to Bright Pink's website to learn about breast and ovarian cancer and how to assess your risk.

The second event for the month happened on October 5, where we partnered with the brothers of Theta Chi and put on the Pink Edition of Cafe Theta Chi. We served coffe…

Twitter Marketing is Lit

This week in class we're talking Twitter. I think I have decided Twitter is my second favorite social media following Snapchat. The author of the "Social Media Marketing Workbook" tells us all how Twitter is the more casual, quicker form of communication and how it's less about marketing for companies. This got me thinking about a tweet I tweeted that got quite a few likes, probably because people thought I was trying to be funny but it was actually a genuine tweet.

The reason I tweeted this was not to be funny, but because it was a trend I had been noticing across my Twitter feed. I saw company Twitter pages using memes and words like "lit" and "fam", for what I can only assume is so teens feel they can relate to the company. 
As teenagers we're constantly trying to relate to people, to feel like our struggles are their struggles, our passions are their passions. I think companies have done an excellent job of realizing its target market and …