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Showing posts from October 16, 2016

10 Ways to Spend $20,000

Any college student past or present can tell you being in college is not easy. Even if it were, not everyone would do it because this is America and we are lazy, myself included. One of the number one things that holds people back from going to college is not the rigorous course load, but the sheer cost of attending. This baffles my mind that someone in our society could be an utter genius, but because they cannot afford to attend any university, they may never get to use their talents.

I took to my billing statement for the current semester and found my cost of attendance for the Dicke College of Business, and living in an on-campus dorm is $20,060.00. TWENTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS! Thanks to scholarships, grants and loans (yay can't wait to pay those back), I am so fortunate I do not have to pay all twenty-thousand dollars' worth, but I cannot say the same for my peers.

Today, in an effort to show just how bloody expensive college has gotten, I'm making it my personal challeng…

YouTubers I Watch

In our "Social Media Marketing Workbook" by Jason McDonald, he talks a lot about how to use YouTube to market yourself and your brand as a company, how to get more views, how to make viral videos and things of that nature. Growing up on YouTube, watching YouTube, wanting and actually starting my own YouTube channel (let's not talk about it, also I deleted it so don't even try searching for it) I feel like YouTube is less about facts and figures and more about a video getting in the right hands at the right time.

I watch a lot of YouTubers, for your satisfaction I've put together a list of the ones I watch according to category. One thing I notice about all of these YouTubers is their career they have in YouTube now was not a dream of theirs, it just turned out that way. A good majority of them never got a degree, let alone a degree in social media. They just know how to appeal to their audience in a way that a workbook about social media can't really project.

Types of Professors

As a college student, I've already encountered a number of different kinds of professors. Some are funny (or so they think), some love canceling class, and others hate it. For today's post I thought I'd give you a few of the kinds of teachers I've encountered over the years.

The "Mystery Grader" These are the teachers who grade your assignments, put them online for you to see your grade, but never pass them back for you to understand why you got a certain grade. Obviously they invite you to shoot them a quick email or come to their office to see your grade, but why isn't simply passing them out in class ever an option?

The "Dad Joke" Everyone loves a good dad joke, especially these teachers. They make jokes that you can't help but laugh at because they're just so incredibly awful.

The "Don't Pack Up Yet" This is the guy who teaches right up until the "bell". They'll be out of everything to say, have completely…