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Showing posts from October 30, 2016

Keep Calm and Get Ready for Break

Two weeks from today I'll be on my way home for thanksgiving break and I. CANNOT. WAIT. I love being at school and hanging out with all of the wonderful friends I've made, but there truly is no place like home. I've come up with five reasons why I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving break.

1. Taking a break Although I'll probably end up doing homework at some point over the break, it will be nice to not think about looming due dates and catch up on some sleep for a bit.

2. Thanksgiving food I love food, that is not a secret. But thanksgiving food.....oh my goodness. Eating my weight in mashed potatoes sounds like the perfect day right now.

3. Black Friday shopping One of my favorite parts about break is doing the American tradition of waking up at an ungodly hour and standing in long lines for discounted blankets and socks! It sounds crazy but it's actually really fun, and it has become a tradition in my family.

4. Seeing my hometown friends I love my college …

My New Job

This week I started my first job working with Social Media/PR and I am so excited. My wonderful friend Allie, who has become such a great mentor, teacher, and life saver to me this semester, hooked me up with this position on campus. I'll be running the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account for ONU's Dining Services. This is an amazing opportunity for me and I couldn't be more excited for everything I will experience and learn.

One thing we talked about in my interview is where we currently are and where we want to be. We're looking to increase our followers and engagement with our posts, so I'm really curious what kinds of things students would want to see. I've got a few ideas in my brain to try and make this a place students feel they can come to and interact with. If you have any ideas, comments or concerns about our social media I would love to hear from you!

I will link all of the accounts below so you can go follow them and get all kinds of fun updates…

Fun with Filters

In class we finished the "Social Media Marketing Workbook" by Jason McDonald and while it was a very informative book, it forgot to mention my favorite social media platform, Snapchat. In the past few weeks on this blog we've discussed what the book says about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, but the book had no information about Snapchat. I know Snapchat is not really the platform for large businesses trying to market, but that doesn't mean it isn't great.

One very unique thing about Snapchat is the filters. No other platform has anything like this, and honestly I love the filters. They're sometimes very weird, but so creative and different, and playing with the filters makes great study breaks! Lately, Snapchat has been feeling very festive with some special edition Halloween filters. I had some fun with some of the filters on Snapchat, and I've posted some of my favorites down below!

If you've never played around with the filter…