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Showing posts from November 6, 2016

Stop (Just Love)

This post is inspired by one of my new favorite songs called Stop (Just Love). It's by a duo conveniently called Us the Duo. They're a married couple who write and perform songs about their love together. I recently saw them in concert and their love was RADIATING. It was contagious. It was pure. But it was so simple. Hard times come to all of us. It's inevitable. Life is certainly not perfect, and none of us are. 

I don't care who you voted for, I don't care if you believe in God or not, love will always win. 1 Corinthians 13:3 says "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE, YA'LL. 

Whatever you love, love it like it is the difference between life and death. Love it like you have nothing left. Love it with all you have in you, because what else is there to do? There is no point getting consumed by hate. Hate divides, love brings us together. 
If you love food, love it, I SURE AS …

Happy Election Day

Two blogs in less than 15 hours? Either I am totally full of great ideas or I have to have three blogs by today and I'm totally out of great ideas!

It's the day some have been waiting for, some have been dreading, and to most it's Tuesday.

It's Election day, ya'll.

Most people think that every single social media platform at this point is a place to put your political opinions and fight with others. I am telling you now my blog is not a place for that.

We welcome all individuals no matter their race, political party, whether their hair is curly or straight, or if they only have nine fingers but eleven toes, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say at this point, just please go vote. I voted by mail which is really convenient because I don't have to stand in line for hours today, but I promise the satisfaction of knowing that your vote might not go towards the winning candidate and what is it all really for anyway.....just kidding w…

Measure What MATTERS

We started a new book in class, "Measure What Matters" and this one seems to be all about how to measure your performance on social media. This got me thinking a little about my generation and our social media presence.

Often in this generation we measure our worth based on the number of followers we have, or the number of likes we get on something. It's kind of sad, really. And trust me, I've been guilty of this before. Since when did we get so absorbed in what people think about us, and constantly wanting people to know what we're doing, who we're with, and everything in between? I truly do love social media but sometimes I think we use it for the wrong reasons.

Yesterday I put on Facebook some Sunday food for thought about knowing your worth. I don't know why I felt so compelled to put it on there, but I just felt like someone needed to hear that. Maybe someone reading this needs to hear it today, so I'll reiterate it.

You are worthy. You are wonde…