Pet Peeves

We've all got 'em. Pet peeves. The things that make your blood boil and you're not even sure why. The most mundane of things, but things that will set you off immediately. Here are mine, let me know yours!

1. When people don't say thank you when I hold the door open for them

HANDS DOWN NUMBER ONE BIGGEST PET PEEVE. It takes no extra effort for you to say thank you, or even mumble thanks. It doesn't have to come in the form of a blimp or flowers and chocolates, just acknowledging that holding the door was a decent thing to do for someone and you're appreciative. On the other hand, I sometimes hate when people don't hold the door for me, but sometimes its hard to gauge whether or not you should hold it. JUST SAY THANK YOU PEOPLE.

2. When professors read off of the slides

Yes, hello,'m not paying $40K a year for you to read off of slides you could email to me in a lot less time. PLEASE TEACH.

3. People who constantly feel the need to one-up others.

It's easiest to explain with examples.

Me: "I am so tired I only got four hours of sleep."
Them: "Oh yeah well I only got 8 minutes of sleep."

Me: "I'm so proud of myself I actually worked out today."
Them: "That's awesome but like I ran a marathon, ate a salad, aced my two exams and solved world hunger, all before 12:00."

Like, why??? Don't be this person.

4. Song changers

If I am in your car and we're jammin' to a song DON'T YOU DARE CHANGE IT. I hate getting cut off mid-note because you "have the perfect song", or you "love this next song". I'm sure it's great, but is the only appropriate time for it to be played when I'm killing it during the bridge??

5. Major shaming

I've written a whole blog post just about this topic, but it still baffles me every time it happens. Do not ever judge someone for being in a certain profession, major, career field, etc. If they are doing what they enjoy doing THAT. IS. ALL. THAT. MATTERS.

I did not intend for this to just be a rant but I'm happy with it. I've been working on a different post all week and I'm just not happy with it, but today I woke up feeling particularly miserable because this cold has gotten the best of me. I just needed to stand on my soapbox for like twenty minutes, and now that all of the bad energy is out of my system I can begin to recover. Sorry for unloading, hopefully you found some part of it enjoyable to read. Also sorry it took me all week to post, sometimes you just have writers block, even with a full month's break. Have a great weekend, stay warm.


  1. I'm so guilty of being a song changer and I'm not even ashamed


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