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I think it's about time I use my blog to find love, don't you think? Last year I wrote about my top tinder tips (I've linked the blog post in case you're just absolutely DYING to go read more about that) and I think another dating app/profile blog post is long overdue. I have had my fair share of editing, critiquing, and looking at dating profiles, and finding out what works and what doesn't, and I figured the best way to tell you is to show you. I'm going to take you on a tour of MY dating profile, well what it would look like if I had one.

Name: Sierra McKinzy Prince (but you can call me Fresh Prince)

Age: 19, but about to beat teen pregnancy

Celebrity look-a-like: Queen Latifah

Likes: Long naps, tight hugs, seafood (Swedish Fish), Hamilton: An American Musical, tweeting an excessive amount until I physically lose followers, deep conversations about life

Dislikes: the entire premise of the American education system, when a good song comes on in the car right when I park, when literally anything buffers (Y'ALL, I AM NOT KIDDING MY SONG BUFFERED RIGHT AS I TYPED THIS AND I AM LIVID!!!!!),

Career aspirations: Social media specialist, tweet professionally from Tori Kelly's account, write articles about memes and pop culture for BuzzFeed

Dream location: Honestly anywhere but Ohio at this point, ily but I gotta get out

Looking for: a companion who will buy me things and compliment me, or a dog, or the head of HR at BuzzFeed who will hire me

What would you say is the perfect date? August 4th because it's my birthday and it's during the summer which is the best time of the year and it normally is warm and it's not close enough to the school year where I hate myself for furthering my education but close enough to where I get to see my friends again.


"the funniest person I've ever met"- anyone I've ever met

"a good friend, always down to eat pizza"- my mom

"ma'am I have literally never met you before in my life can you please just tell me what you want to drink"- my TGI Friday's waiter

"best blog around everyone should read it"-me commenting as an anonymous user on my own blog

Well, how do you think I did? Rate my dating profile in the comments! And if you know of any single guys, or pizza drivers please feel free to forward my dating profile to them.


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    1. McDonald's or Wendy's? Your choice.

  2. Very funny! But..... Ohio is not that bad, what's this about teen pregnancy and..... Where is my #1 must have, no if ands or buts about it , quality that a man must have to date you? ...............😉


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