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Having a big girl job this summer has changed me. I go to bed by 10:00 every night, I eat breakfast and drink coffee every morning, and I have to make financial decisions about the money I'm getting from said big girl job. One decision I decided to make was using some of my money to invest in a new fancy camera for myself. I've already had a few people ask me how I like it, so I figured I'd just give my initial review in one blog post, and I'll include some of my first photography shots.

The camera that I purchased was a Canon EOS Rebel, model T6 with an 18-55 mm lens. Don't worry, those words mean very little to me, too. I will include a link of the exact camera and kit I got so you can see what exactly it came with, and more of the technical specs of the camera for those who are genuinely interested in that. But for now I'll just tell you my initial observations of what I like about it.

1. Wi-Fi capability

This camera is able to sync up to your smartphone (as well as your computer) by just using Wi-Fi. It's incredible. I take a photo and within two minutes I can save it right to my phone. This was a big deciding factor for me, personally, when deciding which camera I wanted because having to go through my computer each time I wanted to enlarge or post my photos seemed like a mission.

2. Detachable lens

I only bought one lens with the camera, plus a macro and micro lens that came with the kit I purchased. However, down the road when I become more accustomed to photography and would like to try out different lens types, I can just switch them out whenever I want, which is awesome (not for my wallet though).

3. Comfort

This camera is surprisingly lightweight, which is awesome when shooting with it. Also, the controls on it aren't too intimidating, which is good for an extreme beginner like me. I didn't buy it to shoot anything specific, or to even get too heavy into photography, but I feel like it's one of those cameras that you learn with and learn from it.

Overall, I love this camera. I'm excited to take up a new hobby, plus my blog posts might become a little bit more aesthetically pleasing (so you're welcome). I don't have any specific plans for this camera other than to capture my life more through a lens, because looking back on memories in the form of photos is one of my favorite things to do. I've had it for less than a week but already I can feel myself looking at the world in a different way. It forces me to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds me, which I don't often do. I've been asked if I'm going to take any photography courses, or try to learn how to photograph professionally and the answer is no. I want to learn by finding what is beautiful to me and capturing it how I want to remember it, not how someone told me to.

I've only had it a short time but I've already taken so many pictures. Here are some of my favorite I've taken so far, enjoy!

***Jenna took this one


  1. So I just bought the same camera and I already learned from your blog that it syncs with my phone. I am taking a pic reading the manual taking a pic reading the manual figure I'll get it one of these days. I used to use cameras all the time and I missed it.


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