National Best Friend Day

Today is National Best Friend Day, which should be an international holiday if you ask me. Those who know me know I love my family wholeheartedly, but there are people in my life that come so close to sharing that place in my heart. That is my best friends. They put up with my crap, laugh at my awful jokes, help me through the bad relationships and let me know when it's a good one. They're advice givers, shoulders to cry on, my favorite people to grab lunch with, and the ones I turn to for every little thing. (sorry y'all sometimes I'm needy) I have some pretty amazing best friends, and this year I felt like they deserved something a little bit bigger than a generic Instagram post. Introducing, my best friends. Yeah, I know there are a lot but how can someone just have one.....or six?

***DISCLAIMER: This post might be really long, and a tad sappy, so if that's not your sort of thing, click off and tune in next week for your regularly scheduled pointless blabber I like to call humor. If it is your thing, grab a snack and enjoy the sincerity because it doesn't happen all that often.

Name: Alie Campbell
Nickname: Satan lol
Thing that reminds me of them: Hot dogs
How we met: I messaged Alie on Facebook about rooming together freshman year, but she ignored me. Two years later and I've forgiven her and now we're best buds. The first time we hung out we went to Wal-Mart (which I just learned was a first for her and I am both appalled and honored), and then got ice cream at our now favorite ice cream place, Hefner's Dairy Barn.
Inside joke: We keep saying we're going to make a YouTube channel and I'm not sure why I put this under this heading because it's not actually a joke to me.
Favorite memory together: One time I was having a bad day and she came to my dorm room and brought me some of her mini Cadbury eggs and said encouraging things and made me laugh and I just really appreciated her in that moment.
Favorite thing about Alie: She's like SO dope. She makes me laugh, encourages me to cry (when I need to), and is always down to get ice cream. Our best-friend-ship has been short but sweet, cheers to a million more years, ILY.

Name: Corey Gayheart
Nickname: My Jewish husband
Thing that reminds me of them: Russian accents
How we met: We go way back, all the way back to when I was spotted wearing a leopard print bathing suit, sliding down Corey's jungle gym in his backyard on the 4th of July.
Inside joke: Literally any quote from Bridesmaids.
Favorite memory together: During our senior year we starred in The Wedding Singer, the musical, together and we had so much fun creating stories for our characters (Jewish family) and pretending we were actors for a couple of months.
Favorite thing about Corey: Corey is just such a good guy. He's the guy that everyone deserves to have in their life. He cares so much about so many things, and I'm just happy to have experienced all the good he has to offer in the world. Also, the couch in his basement is my favorite couch I've ever put my butt on.

Name: Sheridan Miller
Nickname: Shandan
Thing that reminds me of them: Twins
How we met: I don't remember, who made these questions up??? Oh, right, it was me. The first time we hung out though, we went out after semi-formals and we took pictures by this huge blow up polar bear and it was also the first time I realized that being friends with twins is so strange.
Inside joke: I like to call myself their triplet, I'm not sure why, and it literally isn't funny to anyone else but us.
Favorite memory together: That night freshman year when we laid on the floor of her dorm room and belted the entirety of Adele's "All I Ask" at the top of our lungs.
Favorite thing about Sheridan: Sheridan is so strange, which is helpful for someone like me who is also so strange. We bring it out of each other and it's so nice to be able to be 100% yourself around someone.

Name: Rosie Nagy
Nickname: Roomie
Thing that reminds me of them: Chipotle
How we met: Why did I pick this question I literally can never remember meeting people for the first time..... We were both freshman in ZTA so I feel like at some point we just met... I don't know.
Inside joke: The Twilight reference that only she and I understand.
Favorite memory together: When we got separated from each other one night and as we're on the phone trying to reunite, we both see each other across the street at the same time and we ran up and hugged each other (which was huge because Rosie hates hugs).
Favorite thing about Rosie: She's always down for Taco Bell, she made me into a library person which was bad for my brain but good for my GPA, and she is SUCH a good person to rant to. A year ago we barely knew each other, but now I could seriously never imagine doing life without her.

Name: Olivia Semsel
Nickname: Zak
Thing that reminds me of them: "Black" Annie
How we met: HEY I KNOW THIS ONE! I met her older sister during band camp my freshman year and she made us become friends and meet on the first day of freshman focus camp. I recognized her from Facebook and we awkwardly met up outside of the high school that warm August day, and the rest is history.
Inside joke: "You needa calm down."
Favorite memory together: The time she invited me to go on a date with her because she said she'd rather hang out with me than the boy, but she didn't want to be rude and cancel the plans.
Favorite thing about Olivia: We are absolutely savage in person, but through text message we get so sappy it's actually brought me to tears a few times. She's for sure a forever friend and I'm so blessed to have her.

Name: Stephanie Walton (she doesn't read my blog so I don't even know why she made the cut)
Nickname: Steph
Thing that reminds me of them: Apple juice
How we met: Wow surprise surprise I don't remember this one either. We became really good friends this year though because she just kept coming into my room and naturally I had to be nice to her.
Inside joke: We have a really cool handshake that Rosie always rolls her eyes at but that's because she's jealous.
Favorite memory together: The time we took Christina to the hospital (don't worry she was okay) and we got really slap-happy and had to quietly giggle to each other because we didn't want to wake her.
Favorite thing about Stephanie: I have truly never met anyone like Stephanie in my life and I know for a fact that I never will. She's one-of-a-kind, that one, a real gem if you ask me.

Name: Jenna Whitaker
Nickname: Chinny
Thing that reminds me of them: Bridesmaids
How we met: We were in the same class in 2nd grade and obviously we knew from even then that we would be best friends.
Inside joke: A sip too many!
Favorite memory together: That time we wrote the dopest remix rap to Justin Bieber's "Baby" using kitchen utensils as microphones in her kitchen. Also, the time we won "Best BFF's" in high school because we definitely didn't tell the whole class to vote for us or anything....
Favorite thing about Jenna: She is simultaneously one of the funniest people I've ever met, and also the most real. She genuinely cares about every thing I've ever said to her. No matter where we go in life I know we'll always be best friends.

Well, there you have it. Probably the longest, most sappy blog post I'll ever post, but it needed to be said. If you're on this list, I love you more than you know, and thank you for giving me some of the happiest moments of my life. To everyone else reading, I hope you have people like this in your life. Please go tell them that they mean a lot to you, it's always nice to hear. Happy National Best Friend Day to you and yours. Sappy Sierra is out!


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