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Yep, That's Meme!

It's 2017, which means that I spend a good majority of my day reading, sending, and laughing at memes. ***SIDE NOTE: We're halfway through 2017......UM WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?

Anyway, the other day I took a gander (I think we should bring that word back) through the pictures on my phone and realized- I If you don't believe me, continue reading.

As a person who is constantly doing and saying strange things, it's probably not a secret that sometimes I don't photograph well. I don't mean to say I'm ugly, I mean sometimes my face is caught doing things other than smiling, things that can be turned into memes. I pulled actual candid photos of me from my phone and decided to caption them, for your entertainment but mostly for mine (if you don't laugh at your own jokes no one else will). So please enjoy this segment I'd like to call "Yep, that's meme!"

When your mom lets you pick out your favorite snack in the grocery store

When you wake up and realize you're still not rich and famous and have to work for a living

When you see those three little dots pop up and you're patiently waiting to see what your friend is typing

When your jam comes on in the club

When you take a picture with the front-facing flash in bed and wonder if you've always been that ugly

When you hear someone across the room say something ignorant and you're trying to decide how you should handle it

When you do the bare minimum but you want someone to acknowledge your accomplishments


When everything in life is getting you down but you're just trying to smile through the pain

When you're already in bed but you remember an assignment you forgot to do

That's all I got. I could probably make a part 2, even 3, so let me know if that's something you'd like to see. Catch ya l8r!!


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