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Why I Hate Group Projects

As a sophomore in college I've had my fair share of group projects, and I already know there are going to be so many more in college and in my career so you don't even need to write that in the comments. BUT, just for a second can I get on my soap box and talk about why group projects are the WORST.

1. Randomized groups
NO. No. No thank you. I took this class with my friends. I'd appreciate having them in a group, but not for the reasons you might think. Sure I'd love to be able to talk to them, but I pick them to have in a group because I know them. I know how to work with them. I know if they're better writers or presenters. We can easily meet outside of class to work on our project because we'll most likely be hanging out outside of class anyway. Please do not give me Tyler from the fourth row who hasn't shown up since syllabus day and expect me to not have to do a majority (all) of the work.

2. Scheduling meetings
You would think that we don't all att…