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A Letter to My Sister

You've always been older than me, wiser than me, smarter than me, not funnier though, sorry I think I have you beat. But only recently have I really understood how amazing you are. I'm getting ahead of myself, though, let's throw it back for a second.

In middle school you were in all of the FACTS classes (that's the really smart kid classes for those who don't know) and I aspired to be in them, just like you.

You were in garden club in the fifth grade, and I joined, just to be like you.

In high school you were in French Club, and so was I.

You were in Student Congress, guess what I joined.

You were the valedictorian, and I'll be honest I didn't even make an attempt at that because I knew that it took a special (insane) kind of person.

You went to college and joined a sorority, and at rounds when they asked me why I joined it was always you.

I never told you, but on the way home from dropping you off freshman year, I bawled silently in the back seat…