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20 Lessons I Learned by 20

Happy August 4th! To you it is a normal day, but to me it is my day of birth. The day I blessed the world with my presence, you're welcome. I mean you should probably thank my mom, she did most of the work. I wasn't the only legend born on this day, however, so don't forget to send a happy birthday message to my favorite ex-prez, Barack Obama.

Anyway, I digress, which I usually tend to do in the intros of these things. What better day than your double decade birthday than to reminisce on your past and all of the wonderful things it taught you? That's what we're doing here today. I present you with twenty things I've learned in my twenty beautiful, short, vibrant, and complicated years on this earth.

1. Life is short. It's cliche because it's the cold hard truth. 

2. If you don't laugh at your own jokes no one else will. Some say the first rule of comedy is to not laugh at yourself, but to those people I say, "you're really not going to like m…