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Song Lyrics to Live By

Hi.....let's just pretend I didn't take over a month off of blogging. Did you miss me? I've written and re-written like 8 posts at this point. I'm at a strange point in life, and it's hard to put it in words. I thought about writing a new year's resolution post, but I know myself and I never keep them. Two years ago my ONLY, I repeat ONLY resolution was to learn all of the names of the Duggar children. That famous Mormon family with like twenty kids, yeah them. A silly and utterly pointless resolution, but something, right? Nope. Didn't do it. Had so many opportunities. So instead of making a list of things I know I won't stick to, I thought instead I'll turn to my biggest vice in life: music. 

I connect with music on multiple levels. I love to sing and learn new melodies (they were harmonies back in my glory days when I found myself on middle C all day long as an alto.) I've tried learning how to play ukulele (that was one of last year's res…